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A New Novel from David Wong, the Executive Editor of Cracked.com and Author of John Dies at the End

Nightmarish villains with superhuman enhancements
An all-seeing social network that tracks our every move
Mysterious Smooth-talking power players who lurk behind the scenes
A young girl from the trailer park
Her very smelly cat

"Biting humor and blatant digs at modern society overlay a subtly brilliant and thoughtful plot ..."
-Publisher's Weekly

"Well-timed humor and explosive thrills, a smart backbone, and witty wordsmithing ... as fun as it gets."

In addition to being a NYT Bestselling Author, David Wong is also the Senior Editor of comedy megasite Cracked.com and has written dozens of articles over there. If you have not read John Dies at the End, or its sequel This Book is Full of Spiders now would be a good time. You can keep up with updates at the main website or you can become a fan on Facebook.

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